Rosemarie CD Front Semi

Having written and co-written a number of songs in the past 15 years, I have spent this past year recording eight songs for an album titled ‘What Love Demands’

I am also re-releasing four original songs I recorded with HipCity Cruz in 2008 on the same album

Big thanks to my former bandmates Jewl Sandoval, & Bruce and Lynnette Mello. Jewl Sandoval is currently with Broken Shades, Lynnette is currently part of a music duo called Villanelle, and Bruce has recorded an original solo piano CD, and has an album in the works.

I have changed so much personally as a result of the writing, producing, and publishing process that I feel like the album is only a snapshot of what I have gained. I am thankful for having reached this milestone as a singer-songwriter and could not have done it without continuing support of family and friends over the years. I hope that the songs speak for themselves, that they have a reach further than I can imagine, and may be enjoyed for years to come.

Somehow, the miraculous process of carrying and giving birth to my son, James happened simultaneously along with this project. I hear it is not uncommon for a soon-to-be parent to check a few things off their bucket list before their first child comes along. I also felt like creating an album was like being pregnant because of how long-term the project turned out to be; so I guess I am a doubly proud mama this year.

My original music will be available in CD form at my shows and will be available for digital purchase via my music page. It will also be made available through other popular online music distributors and streaming services.

Lyrics are posted on my website and are also printed in a booklet if you purchase the physical CD.

Upcoming shows will be posted through my facebook site. Hope to see you out there ’cause a recorded version is nice to listen to, but the live version has an element of surprise, plus never-heard before songs have been known to show up on the setlist. Stay tuned.

My purpose for this blog is to write about music and culture, artists to look out for in all genres, and personal experiences in being a songwriter and performer



Cafe Frascati Open Mic: Downtown San Jose SOFA district

You never know what you’ll end up hearing or who you’ll meet at Cafe Frascati’s Tuesday Night Open Mic

marqueeIn one night you might hear songs in multiple languages such as English, German, or even Farsi which was this case this past Tuesday.

The host selects a special artist to showcase for a good half hour.

This time around the audience was entertained by a young american-asian guy who opened his set of magic card tricks with some very popular cover songs that we could all sing along to on the chorus.  Unfortunately his name escapes me, however it is very likely he will be repeating some of his material back at Frascati.


Some other highlights of the night included a vocalist, ukulele player named Nina Judd who played her version of “Let Your Hair Down” and “La Vie en Rose” with an elderly lady in the audience who sang the french verse.

A singer-songwriter who accompanied herself on the piano who reminded me of Tori Amos shared a couple of her original tunes.  One of which she said was inspired by the #metoo movement on facebook highlighting the shadow of sexual harrasment towards women

To end the night, a young guy with whom I had been chatting with through the night as the seating is cramped and the best seats are up front was a guy by the name of Levi Josewski.  Because the roster is filled to the brim, he is only allowed one song, but he makes it memorable with an original tune which is jam-packed with lyrics, a catchy chorus, and a fantastic sense of rhythm on his guitar.  Levi works hard and has charisma which is a winning combination for a live entertainer.  Look out for him at your next local open mic, or better yet, hire him for your party before he gets famous.







Holiday Faux Pas ( or Fox Pox as my 11th grade English teacher would say)

Ok, so perhaps talking about Christmas before even mentioning our current upcoming holiday is a major holiday faux pas.


There are fewer songs associated with this holiday, though I am sure there are a handful of curated playlists for this occasion on Spotify or your favorite music streaming provider.

What songs does one play on Halloween night to entertain as trick or treaters knock or ring the doorbell?

The 2nd season of Stranger Things debuted this weekend on Netflix and the synth heavy instrumental music is pretty spooky and awesome.

I also overheard my husband playing This is Halloween from Tim Burton’s film “Nightmare Before Christmas,” which is kinda cute(The Citizens of Halloween version).

I know that they played “Monster Mash” a lot on the radio when I was growing up and I am not a huge fan. Maybe because it was played so much. I think I can live without it this season.

So enjoy this upcoming holiday and be safe out there

I’ll share a track with you all later this week if inspiration hitshalloween-969856_960_720.jpg

Christmas Playlist

I recently signed up for Spotify’s premium plan which they offer the first month free.

Yeah for free! Especially in the holiday months.

I have been putting together playlists since September for a mother’s group I am a part of, and was getting tired of hearing the advertisements, and it defaulting to the “radio station” they automatically create.

I am a fan of having all this music at my fingertips. I am discovering a lot of music by artists I already know.

I have always been interested in older music not of my generation, and current American roots music, so listening to traditional radio has been meh for me.

There are certainly some stations that carry the torch as far as putting roots and singer-songwriter on the air, but it is just a tiny slice of what is out there.

I am currently setting up a Christmas playlist which is uncharacteristically early for me, but I have to say there’s a lot of tunes to filter through and it is very enjoyable.

To listen to what I’ve got so far you can click here

Song Sundays

If you have been reading/watching the news this past week, you are probably aware of the fires that have devastated the wine country this past week, and also down south in the Anaheim Hills in Orange County.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and witnessing the smoke coming down into the Santa Clara Valley a few days later, it felt really sad to know that so many lives were disrupted at individual homes and businesses.  I wrote a song earlier this week about the incident that I feel many may be able to relate to concerning the losses people are experiencing and the range of emotions they may be going through.

Click here to listen through Youtube.



Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Enter Motherhood:

Spotify playlist search Sesame Street  

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street is humming along…followed by These Are The People In Your NeighborhoodI Love Trash, and so on.

Children of the 80’s, can you relate?

Now my parents did not let us watch too much television(mainly because of the commercials they said), but a mainstay of our viewing had to have been PBS’ Sesame Street because the memories keep surfacing when I listen to this playlist


No childhood is complete without Sesame Street, right?

Quick search online, Sesame Street has a website with games, videos, and coloring pages.

Neato torpedo! This is something I must have said a couple hundred times as a preschooler.

Right, of course…programming is going to be different than it was 30+ years ago

At first glance, the videos are still rich with songs, colorful images, and characters and I know they are supposed to be for preschoolers, but I am honestly excited to listen/watch to this new content when it is appropriate for my little one.

There will probably be a part 2 to this blog post when we get to that stage, but a quick view of the music video “Just Like Magic” with Sara Bareilles and the little pink muppet(no idea of this one’s name, I’m sure I’ll find out) is a cute reminder of how friendship can help us through our bad days.

The Sesame Street mission continues to strive “to help kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder, ” and though I will always go to my happy place when I hear the classics and most likely subject my son to them from time to time, I will make it a habit to pop over to their website and we’ll find out which one’s will be his favorites that he’ll grow nostalgic over.






Knowing Nashville

My husband had read somewhere online that some young Japanese women think that Paris only exists in a fairytale and when they hear it is a real place with real problems they get really depressed.

We Americans can relate to this. It’s probably how many young people feel about big city places like New York, & Los Angeles (movies, TV, and to a smaller extent books help us romanticize these places). Thanks to the show with the city’s moniker, now moving into its 6th season, Nashville, aka Music City, is kinda like that for me; but for now my bubble has been pierced in a good way.

From the shows inception, I have had a fascination with the stories that revolve around relationships and music.  The music director for the first year was T Bone Burnett, who is a well known producer, songwriter, and musician (O Brother Where Art Thou).  He happens to be married to the director of the show, Callie Khouri, best known for film Thelma & Louise.

The show has gone through several permutations and has jumped from ABC’s network to CMT just this past season, but that is not what I plan to focus on.

I recently spent a weekend at the WestCoast Songwriters Conference which was held in San Francisco this year. I volunteered to DJ a couple of song screenings for two Nashville businesswomen who pitch songs regularly to established artists and TV, Movie spots. After the songs had been cycled through, I asked Dianna Maher of Moraine Music Group a question about the show Nashville and its effect on the city.  She said that originally it started as a plea to woo tourists back to the Grand Ole Opry and the Bluebird Cafe, which it has done mightily. She says now it is difficult to get a seat without making reservations well in advance.  She said it also is giving songwriters a false notion of the quick rise to fame and notoriety one may achieve in the Music City if your music would only get heard.  This was great information to hear from a Nashville local.  The gospel truth and not a fairytale.

Yes, I pitched a song during the session.  It’s certainly not what she was looking for, but her job is to find the cream of the crop, and a very specific style of country, so I took it as an opportunity to learn and realize that honestly life is good when you are confident enough to put yourself out there and you mingle with other writers and people who appreciate and understand the struggle.  As with most things in life, it is a marathon and not a sprint.

If this is something that you enjoy and could see yourself growing as songwriter, I encourage you to plug into your local songwriters organization.

PS Here’s a link for the music for Nashville Season 1  which apparently is not country according to Dianna, but Americana